December 1 2012

Opening day now seems so long ago and the shop is starting to come together. The selection of items for sale has increased considerably and I have several new exhibitors but still there is room for more. I have a regular band of visitors who pop in for a coffee, chat and browse and some mornings I seem to be forever washing cups. The cold weather has meant adding another heater but think insulating the walls was a good investment.

New stock has arrived from Alan at Ullapool Box Creations including some unique USB drives, large letter openers and more boxes using exotic wood. A new exhibitor is Maggie Patience who makes items from recycled materials, these are proving very popular. Lisa from Ottery Pottery has also supplied more of her creative pottery and I am sure this will sell well.

My own pictures continue to tick over, the 4 panoramas of Oldshoremore Beach & The Mountains are finding their way to some remote corners of the county and abroad. I am offering the usual sets of Tablemats & Coasters but now produce coasters separately so customers can mix and match.

The Good Causes bookcase has been fruitful and I was pleased to donate funds to:

Kinlochbervie Tigh Ceilidh £100
Kinlochbervie Pre School Centre £100

This money was raised from the sale of donated Books, CD's & DVD's from which half the proceeds went to running the shop. So a big thank you to all who donated & purchased.

On the subject I will alwys need more stock for the shelves so please think about the shop if you are considering reducing your book collection.

So we are heading towards Christmas and I will be interested to see how the shop performs. Hopefully it will be good enough to help with the quiet time between Christmas & Easter.

Thanks to all who are supporting the shop and I am always happy to see new faces.

August 2012

The shop has now been open for just over 6 weeks. Opening day (Saturday) was busy with customers arriving before I had time to switch the lights on. Of course I thought every day would be as busy so sitting in an empty shop by myself the following monday was a reality check. After a couple of weeks things were looking much better and I had an established set of regulars, tourists and locals.

The shop walls have been getting brighter with the number of pictures on display. I have four large panorama's of local mountains and Oldshoremore Beach which can finally be displayed together. This probably contributes to the fact they are selling well. One customer even bought all four in one go - one of those each day would be very welcome !.

The good causes book case has also done well and I will be distributing money starting November. Many people have been asking for more books so I added another rack. This contains a wide selection of new (unused) paperbacks & hardbacks at very low prices.

I am selling a variety of other gifts which are proving popular with the younger generation and people thinking about xmas... sorry to mention it but not that far away.

So I guess I am fairly pleased with progress so far and it is great to see more items on the shelves. Feedback has been very good, everyone seems to like the way the shop is laid out and of course the coffee is excellent.

How things progress after the tourist season ends in September is really in the hands of the locals but I intend to kep the same opening hours up to Xmas. After that it is a long haul to Easter but again I will stay open so long as I can cover my heat/light etc.